Dance tiger



Dance tiger game presented by novomatic provider. A game that has almost the same game as dancing lantern. This game that has Asian elements has become a game that is liked by many gamers. In the game dancing tiger gamers will meet the emperor. Which gamers will bid a victory to the emperor.

Gamers will be invited by the emperor to see his wealth collection. Wealth that belongs to the emperor can be obtained if gamers succeed in winning the game dancing tiger. This type of game in the form of 5 reels and 3 rows has a machine-shaped game form. To be able to win the game requires several steps to win.

Victory with free steps

Mizunorunningshoes – Only with free winning moves without any limitations so gamers can easily win. The type of winning combination that will trigger a double win value. As long as gamers manage to get free spins, gamers can easily get wins quickly. The direction to victory can be seen from left to right.

Game symbols with free spins dance tiger

To be able to get great value, gamers can get it with a progressive jackpot. Some of the symbols of the dancing tiger will trigger a winning value such as:

– Wild: a symbol that can replace other symbols. Appears in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds. Wild can make a choice symbol appear by getting 15 coins of the jackpot value.

the victory obtained from the emperor//tiger

– Tigers: when getting 3 tigers of the same or more gamers will get 15 free spins. Every time there is a free spin, gamers will get a game bonus.

The bonus games that can be obtained are 5 bonus game models from a total of fifteen dancing tiger games such as: 5 spins with 3 rows with 10 free spins, 5 spins x 4 rows will get 5 free spins, 5 rolls x 3 will get 3, and 5 x 6 rows or can be with some combination symbol models. Combination symbol models that are taken or chosen at random can also cause free spins.

As long as it’s still in the free spins, if gamers get the same 3 or more marks from the tiger, they will get another bonus game. In playing the game dancing tiger gamers will get 1 additional game which by increasing the number of rows through the top of the screen and the presence of a tiger sign in the middle rotation makes 1 bonus game easy to get.

Spin lock, game bonus and auto button

Getting 3 tigers in dancing tiger game will not generate spin lock. To be able to win the game dancing tiger gamers can do easily without any obstacles. Get the same 3 coins will be able to bring the game jackpot. There are 4 jackpots that can be used to get a win, namely grand, major, minot and mini. The presence of the jackpot will greatly facilitate gamers to get game wins. every gamer who manages to get the gamer jackpot will get a winning value and it can also end. The bonus game in the dancing tiger game is a collection of coins.

To be able to win the game, gamers must choose a coin that has the same ending. Then gamers will easily win the game. The same 5 tigers will trigger the winning value and the golden lions will appear who close the screen to full and win. If gamers still feel this dancing tiger game for a long time, you can press the auto button.

The auto button that can make the game in the game cycle spin by itself and will give a winning value automatically so gamers don’t need to press the button again, just waiting for the results of the automatic game.